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The Girl Most Likely

RKO, 1957, Color, 98 minutes, ***

Dodi (Jane Powell) tries to pick between three suitors in this musical remake of Ginger Rogers' Tom, Dick and Harry (1941). This is one of Jane's weaker films, but still fun, with some good (though forgettable) musical numbers. Ginger Rogers version, costarring George Murphy, Alan Marshall and Burgess Meridith, is a much better film.

"A mad, mirthful movie extravaganza... one of thosse scintillating romantic musical comedies from the Golden Years of Hollywod!

Scheming to meet Neil Patterson (Keith Andes), the young, attractive owner of a yacht anchored nearby, Dodie (Jane Powell) fakes a drowning and is rescued by Pete (Cliff Robertson), a mechanic whom she mistakes for the yachtsman). When the mixup is disentangled, it appears that love will triumph, until the lovers find Neil, drunk and disorganized, floundering the surf. Pete repeats his lifesaver act and in gratitude, Neil steals his girl. One jilting and one sea rescue later, Pete and Dodi are finally paired.

"The Girl Most Likely" is of course Jane Powell who sings and romances throughout the entire show. Miss Powell sings all six of the Hugh Martin - Ralph Blane original songs composed for the picture. The lavish musical production numbers are staged by Gower Champion. The music was arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle, and the song "Girl Most Likey" is by Bob Russell and Nelson Riddle - sung by the Hi-Los." [from videotape sleeve]


Produced by: Stanley Rubin
In Charge of Production: William Dozier
Directed by: Mitchell Leisen
Assistant Director: Richerd Moder
Screen Play by: Devery Freeman
(based on a story and screenplay by Paul Jarrico)
Music Arranged and Conducted by: Nelson Riddle
Music and Lyrics by: Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane
Song: "The Girl Most Likely" by Bob Russell and Nelson Riddle, sung by The Hi-Lo's
Dances and Musical Sequences Staged by: Gower Champion
Art Direction: Albert S. D'Agostino and George W. Davis
Set Decorator: Eli Benneche
Costume Designer: Renie
Makeup Supervisor: Harry Maret, Jr.
Hair Stylist: Larry Germain
Sound: Frank Webster, Terry Kellam
Director of Photography: Robert Planck
Filmed in Technicolor
Technicolor Color Consultant: Robert Brower
Film Editors: Harry Marker, Dean Harrison


Jane Powell ... Dodi
Cliff Robertson ... Pete
Keith Andes ... Neil
Kaye Ballard ... Marge
Tommy Noonan ... Buzz
Una Merkel ... Mom
Kelly Brown ... Sam
Judy Nugent ... Pauline
Frank Cady ... Pop
Joseph Kearns ... Mr. Schlom
Chris Essay ... Steward
Nacho Galindo ... Photographer
Paul Gary ... Man in Penny Arcade
Julia Montoya ... Basket Vendor
Valentin de Vargas ... Young Daddy
Bob Banas, Joyce Blunt, Tex Brodus, Buddy Bryant, Gloria DeWerd, Gail Ganley, Harvey Hohnecker, Maurice Kelly, Tommy Ladd, Todd Miller, Donna Pouget, Paul Rees, Marjorie Stapp, Bruce Stowell, Lida Thomas ... Dancers


[0:00] The Girl Most Likely (sung by The Hi-Lo's behind titles)
[0:06] I Don't Know What I Want (sung by Jane Powell)
[0:17] We Gotta Keep up with the Joneses (sung and danced by Jane Powell, Tommy Noonan and Ensemble)
[0:38] Balboa (sung and danced by Jane Powell, Cliff Robertson, Kaye Ballard, Kelly Brown and Ensemble)
[0:49] Crazy Horse (sung and danced by Jane Powell and Children)
[1:16] All the Colors of the Rainbow (sung and danced by Jane Powell, Kaye Ballard, Keith Andes, Kelly Brown and Ensemble)
[1:35] I Don't Know What I Want (reprised with special lyrics by Jane Powell)


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Back of tape sleeve

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